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A stop at the Bistronôme

Where to eat in Arbois
The brand new created restaurant
Where to eat in Arbois
With the unfortunate bankruptcy of the restaurant la Balance in this beautiful city of Arbois, where we had taken our rooster with yellow wine habits, we must find a replacement stop and we are very happy to find this new address a stone's throw from the collegiate, above the murmuring river down the terrace.
Chou-rave en déclinaison, artichaut poivrade Julien Marron

They have met in the kitchens of Jean-Paul Jeunet, the famous two-star restaurant located a few meters from here. Lisa at the bakery and Jerome at the stove, it sounds like a beautiful story and after a while, they decided to open their own address.

"Against the current habits and lassitude, everything is homemade in the respect of the seasons. No menu set, free course to your desires ... "This is a beautiful program that we apply immediately. After an appetizer of chips in the Comté, with emulsion of cabbage, we start on a beautiful variation of kohlrabi in several textures, accompanied by Granny Smith apple, Tomme du Jura and artichoke pepper, it is delicious and refreshing.

Follow the dishes, consistent and accommodating wonderfully a nice Savagnin green "Autrement" 2016 Domaine de Saint-Pierre, truit ballotine stuffed with morels, leafless potato and Chinese cabbage, yellow wine sauce for him , almost veal and light cream corn, fries polenta and carrots toast for her ...
Ballotine de truite farcie
Quasi de veau
Abricot poché, frais et en sorbet Julien Marron
We would have welcomed Janin's cheeses, but we will stay reasonable. The dessert, after a short break, because the day is very hot, will be a poached apricot, fresh and sorbet, accompanied by a peanut streuzel and yogurt mousse.

The wine list offers a nice selection of local cuvées, with a clear inclination towards biodynamic wines and some escapades in other regions. Nice choice of wines by the glass on the slate, according to the desire of the moment, always strongly oriented regional, with the possibility to taste all the styles (oxidative, ouillé, blends, straw wine or even yellow...). Besides here you will not find coke, but the cola of the Mortuacienne, the lemonade comes from Elixia, the fruit juices come from Alain Millat, the beer of the brewery Gangloff, the spirits are from the Guy distillery, and Rieme mint syrup. As for coffee, it comes from Jean and Simon in Poligny. This is ultimately a beautiful new address (the restaurant opened in March 2019) where you can easily reward yourselves (including vegetarians), with portions of travelers, which is always a mark of respect .