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Come and meet us at Wine Call in San Francisco

Taking advantage of its brand new English online version, 

will be present at the first edition of WineCall in San Francisco from 16 to 17th november. Please come and meet David Neilson on site, who will be presenting the magazine.

Wine Call San Francisco is a Natural Wine fair featuring over 50 natural wine producers from the New World and beyond. Their goal is to enlighten the public to the benefits of organic and bio-dynamic farming, while also creating a better understanding of the technics employed in making wine naturally throughout the world. 

It is a largest gathering of California minimal intervention winemakers ever gathered together. The main theme is wine from Pacific Coasts – mostly California and also wines from Oregon, Mexico, Chile and New Zealand. The sub theme is Rhine Coasts – showcase of 22 domaines from the Association des Vins Libres d’Alsace group.

You can also attend a conference on both days with a start time around 2:30PM :

Tegan Passacquala – The Exploration of Old California Vineyards. With a selection of wines to taste from old vineyards

Mathieu Coste - Intervention on “The Strength of the Plants”. 

Save the date November 16 and 17 2019

It is at The San Francisco Mint 88 5th Street, San Francisco CA 94103. It is open to the public 12 pm to 5 pm and 11am to 12pm for the industry.

If you want to read more information about WineCall fair, folow the link of their website :

If you want to buy tickets, follow the link :