A new channel to independent information on wines

Since 1983, leRouge&leBlanc has imposed itself as a channel of independent information by publishing in-depth features about wine.

We deliver quality quarterly releases in which we feature estates and wines regions, in France and abroad, lostly affordable wines that our readers can find locally along with wine-related articles.

Turning down any kind of advertising revenues since the very beginning, our approach is based on collective blind tastings, during which we always try to evaluate wines from an objective and sincere perspective.


What we write about when we write about wine

All reporting in LeRouge&leBlanc is based on in-the-field research and investigation.

We explore and feature well-known and little-known wine regions and appellations. In every piece we write, we provide a broad introduction, then feature the estates that stood out most in our blind tastings.

At the end of each piece, we synthesize our tasting committee’s scores and notes (this information is available to subscribers only).

Wines are generally pre-selected on site (in the wine area, region or estate), then tasted blind by our committee in Paris. The lead writer does his or her best to reflect the complexity and diversity of opinions. Following the tasting results, members of the team return to the region to meet the best winemakers and write about their  methods, philosophy and approach.

Our rating system

We believe that ratings alone are not very useful. Detailed comments, the result of a synthetized approach are more valuable. Some wines are even added to our tasting notes database without a score, just a description.

However, we rate wines out of 20 points using the following criteria:

  • Wines rated below 13/20 receive no recommendation and are generally not commented on
  • We will drink a 13/20 wine
  • We would buy 3 bottles of a good wine that receives 14/20
  • We would buy 6 bottles of a wine that gets 15/20
  • We would offer a loved one a bottle of any wine that attains 16/20
  • We’d move heaven and earth to get our hands on a bottle that gets 17/20 or above

The favorites

We regularly organize blind “coup de coeur tastings” where writers bring miscellaneous and often little-known bottles that they have discovered in their travels in France or abroad. If the committee approves, we might select and feature one or several “cuvées” from the estate that it comes from. A short article will then be written, after an on-site visit.