A new channel to independent information on wines

Since 1983, leRouge&leBlanc has imposed itself as a channel of independent information by publishing in-depth features about wine.

We deliver quality quaterly releases in which we feature estates and wines regions, in France and abroad, where our readers can generally supply good value in bottles for themselves as well as articles in connection with wine topics.

Turning down any kind of advertising revenues since the very beginning, our approach is based on collective blind tastings, during which we always try to evaluate wines from an objective and sincere perspective.

How to use this material ?

The regular work at Le Rouge & le Blanc is based on ground investigations.

We regularly explore and feature some well or on the contrary little known controlled denominations. In that case, we always try to broaden the picture as an introduction, to then feature the estates that standed up in our blind tastings.

At the end of a given article, a synthesis of the ratings and tasting notes from the committee about the selected wines is accessible (to subscribers only).

The wines are generally pre selected on site (in the wine area, region or estate), then tasted blind by our comittee in our Paris facility. The written comment reflects the best effort of the writter in charge to restore the complexity or diverisity of opinions on given bottles.

Following the tastings results, the writter(s) go back to the ground to meet and have exchanges with the best winemakers in order to detail their methods, philosophy and approach.

Our rating system

We believe that the rating alone is not very useful. The detailed comments, fruit of a synthetized approach have definitely much more value. Some references are even added to our tasting notes database without score, which emphasizes the importance of the description criteria.

However, we rate wines on 20 points with the following approach:

  • Below or at 12/20 we do not recommend for any reason and we generally won’t comment it
  • We can drink a 13/20 points wine
  • We would buy 3 bottles of a good wine that reaches 14/20
  • We would buy 6 bottles of a very good wine that reaches 15/20
  • We would offer one bottle to a beloved person of an outstanding wine that reaches 16/20
  • We’d move Heaven and Earth to get a bottle of any sublime wines reaching 17/20 or above

The favorites

We regularly organize blind « favorite tastings » where writters bring some miscellaneous and often little-known bottles of their ground explorations, from France or abroad, that we can decide to select, pick up and feature as « favorite » estates for one or several « cuvées » if the comittee decides it. In that case, a short article will be elaborated, with a visit on site.